Govt Allocate Rs. 500 Million for Another BRT Project in Islamabad

The federal government has earmarked Rs. 500 million for Bhara Kahu to Faizabad Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project in the 2022-23 fiscal budget.

This project is a part of the government’s grand scheme to strengthen the public transport infrastructure of the twin cities. The initiation and completion timeline for this project is yet to be announced.

Relevant Projects

Capital Development Authority (CDA) is gearing up to develop new routes for intracity public transport service. It plans to renovate the road stretching from Koral to T-chowk.

Other projects include the construction of Blue Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on the expressway, as well as the development of Green Line BRT from Bhara Kahu to PIMS.

The government also seeks to restore Islamabad’s aging road infrastructure and provide transport solutions to the general public. It foresees economic, as well as environmental reforms, as a result of better transport facilities within and around the federal capital.

  • lol, 15 buses for two main routes, a political stunt I say.

    Why did you set the Peshawar BRT image on the post man, these don’t even have a dedicated route nor stations that look like BRT stations… They are even worse than those on the airport metro line.

    500 million for just those stations is a joke, its in fact their pocket change.

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