Pakistan Railways Increases Train Fares By up to 15 Percent

Pakistan Railways (PR) has increased train fares by 15 percent, citing a recent hike in fuel prices.

An official notification states that, effective from Friday, June 17, train fares will increase by 10 percent for passengers and 15 percent for cargo. It is unknown if this will be the final fare hike, as fuel prices are set to rise further.

Rising Travel Costs

Traveling costs have risen significantly due to fuel price hikes. Unfortunately, the Federal government plans to make long travel even more expensive by doubling the toll tax on motorways.

A report states that the government will impose this clause only on single-occupant cars to prevent fuel wastage. It is also considering a new strategy that allows cars to ply the roads on alternate days based on odd and even number plates.

Furthermore, multiple national and international airlines have jacked up fares for passengers by up to 40 percent. Sources say that a steep rise in operational costs has compelled the rate hikes. “Up to Rs. 30,000 is being received for Lahore and Islamabad-bound flights from Karachi airport,” they said.

Commuting is becoming an inconvenience for the masses as Pakistan’s economy continues to struggle.