Master Offisys Launches New Showroom in Islamabad

Pakistan’s renowned and well-acclaimed office furniture brand, Master Offisys, recently launched its new showroom in Islamabad. The event was attended by the leading names of different industries.

The modern furniture, the unmatched vibe, the brilliant aesthetics, and tons of happy clients – Master Offisys is surely going places!

About the Brand

Since its establishment in 2000, Offisys has been committed to developing ergonomically engineered chairs for workers of all levels.

By combining the best of foam, automotive engineering, and textile design, Master has created the ultimate in office chair comfort and style. From conventional workplaces to co-working spaces and home offices, office chairs are becoming more commonplace.

Regardless of where you find them, the revolutionary support, alignment, and comfort of Offisys’ ergonomic chairs will benefit your body and mind.

This line, which combines elegance, comfort, quality, and technology to provide you with a sophisticated way to rest your body, is ergonomic and useful.

The mission of Master OffiSys Private Limited is to design and manufacture ergonomic office chairs of the highest quality. A primary focus is on working with companies and organizations where computer work is essential.

Since the modern landscape is evolving so much, there are many startups that are setting up their offices. Catering to the same demands, Master Offisys has introduced a modern furniture range that is perfect for collaborative workspaces.

It is a one of its kind furniture showroom in Islamabad and offers a distinctive experience in itself.

There are loads of customization options available that will make your dream workspace a reality. You can get in touch with the team and get the best advice and suggestions for setting up your office.

The showroom has a distinctive vibe of its own that offers a perfect blend of modern, classic, and sleek aesthetics and is a must-visit if you’re setting up a new office space.

Visit Master Offisys Online to view the complete range.

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