Petrol Sales to Motorcyclists Decline by 25 Percent in Karachi

The continuous increase in petrol prices has made it difficult for motorcyclists in Karachi to keep a full tank of fuel.

Tayyab Ahmed, a salesman working at a petrol station told Express-News that the rise in petrol prices has turned a large number of motorcyclists away. Fuel sales to motorcyclists have dropped by an estimated 20 to 25 percent, he added.

According to the report, sales of petrol locks have increased by 30 percent as people are witnessing a rise in fuel theft. Citizens expressed their concerns regarding the continuous fuel price hikes.

A bike rider from Karachi said that petrol prices have begun creating a huge dent in his wallet, which has made commuting incredibly difficult. Another bike rider echoed the same concern stating that the rise in fuel prices is causing him trouble in maintaining a steady household income.

Fuel price hikes are a serious concern for the common man as it continues to impact not just their traveling patterns, but also their livelihoods.