Motorway Police to Implement a Point-Based System for Driving Licenses

National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) will launch a point-based system for driving licenses. Inspector General (IG) NH&MP Khalid Mahmood ordered its implementation on an urgent basis.

A department spokesperson told The News that the system will use the National Driving Licence Database, which contains info on more than eight million drivers’ licenses across Pakistan.

The system will aid the department take action against habitual traffic rule violators. According to details, the demerit point limit on a license will be 20. If a person exceeds the limit within two years, the authorities will suspend their driver’s license.

NH&MP will use the CNIC number, driver’s license number, and mobile phone number to obtain information about each driver’s previous infractions.

#NoMore Campaign

NH&MP has tightened security measures to prevent accidents on the motorway as a part of its #NoMore campaign. The drive includes the use of modern equipment such as body-worn cameras, variable sign message (VSM) system, surveillance drones, the latest speed detection equipment, etc.

IG NH&MP stated that the department will enforce a stricter monitoring regime to ensure traffic safety and hoped that people will comply with the department.

  • At first the same police should be fined for allowing unregistered vehicles on motorway. There should be a need of some easy platform to report motorway staff as well. The same management involve in backing up shops for high price charging. The same police should also accountable for allowing drivers with no license at all.

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