Islamabad to Ban Entry of Vehicles Causing Environmental Pollution

Islamabad administration will ban the entry of vehicles causing environmental pollution upon the instructions of inspector general (IG) Nasir Khan. The ruling will take effect from June 21.

Khan added that the authorities will jointly run a campaign with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The spokesperson for Islamabad Police stated that the authorities will also ban the entry of cars with pressure horns.

The IG also instructed relevant departments not to issue fitness certificates to dilapidated cars. The department seeks to discourage the use of such vehicles, saying that they are a nuisance and a hazard to the traffic and the general public.

Last week, Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) announced that it will suspend the driver’s licenses of frequent law offenders in an effort to ensure vehicular discipline.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) (Traffic) Syed Mustafa Tanveer stated that going forward, the department will review the digital fine record on a regular basis to pinpoint the habitual law breakers and cancel their licenses. “If the drivers cannot act responsibly on the roads, then they do not deserve to use them,” the SSP remarked.

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