Several Popular Websites are Down Due to Worldwide Cloudflare Outage

Several popular websites and applications are currently down due to a worldwide Cloudflare outage. The outage has hit several major names such as Discord, WordPress, NordVPN, Omegle, and dozens of others.

For those unaware, Cloudflare is a secure secure content distribution network (CDN) that uses proxy servers and an edge computing architecture to deliver content safely and quickly from the cloud. It has a number of servers around the globe to help its customers access their online content quickly and reliably.

If any of these servers are facing any issues, it stops the corresponding websites and services from loading up, and that is exactly what’s happening at the moment. As a result, users are facing internal server errors while trying to access websites and applications.

Cloudflare says that its a problem in their backbone involving rollbacks and other elements. The company says that they have identified the issue and are rolling out a fix. They are currently monitoring the results of these fixes.

At the time of writing, a lot of the affected websites have recovered for most people, but some are still struggling to get access.

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