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More Details Revealed About Punjab’s Scooter Program for Female Teachers

Earlier this month, Punjab government proposed providing electric scooters to female teachers in public schools across the province. A media report highlighted that the administration suggested it as a pilot project for the new fiscal budget.

A recent news report has brought a few more details regarding that project to light. The details are as follows:

  • The government will offer scooters to 160,000 female teachers across Punjab.
  • The government will start taking applications for scooters in August 2022.
  • It will only give scooters to government school teachers who are permanent employees.
  • Teachers with salaries less than Rs. 50,000 can apply for the scheme.
  • The government will evaluate the applications in November and distribute the scooters by December 2022.

Unfortunately, the government will not just give away free scooters to the applicants. According to the latest report, it will charge monthly installments of up to Rs. 3,000 from the applicants.

It is unknown if the installment will be charged against the complete or partial price of the scooter. The government will issue more details upon the formal launch of this scheme.