HEC Asks Universities to Promote Lassi and Sattu to Replace Imported Tea

As the federal government has imposed a ban on a wide range of non-essential and luxury items to decrease the national import bill, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has also tabled its recommendations for reducing the national import bill.

According to a recent letter written by the Executive Director (ED) of HEC, Dr. Shaista Sohail, to all Vice-Chancellors and Rectors of public and private universities, the HEC has proposed to increase the consumption of locally manufactured traditional drinks such ‘Lassi’ and ‘Sattu.’

It will create employment opportunities and generate income for the people involved in this business, the letter added.

The HEC has further proposed to promote the production of tea at a local level. It will significantly cut the expenditure on tea in the national import bill.

Besides, the HEC has recommended reducing the import of fossil fuels, calling for the promotion of research in alternate energy as a substitute for the imported fossil fuel used in motorcycles, cars, buses, and trains.

Lastly, the commission has suggested reducing the import of edible oil, underscoring the need for the promotion of research in local cooking oils and their marketing to replace the imported edible oil.


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  • People should also think; tea, how we make it and drink it, is not good for health, should be shunned / banned. We should return to our own qahwas, which are actually beneficial, should be promoted.

    • By ‘Qahwa’ if you mean peshawari qahwa, then its just local name for green tea, which is made processing the same camellia sinensis plant that is the source of black teas as well.

  • 100% agree with the statement...we should promote and consume or desi things which are hygenic and good for health to. So stop using imported tea and other items etc.

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Haroon Hayder