Only 3 Rapists Have Been Convicted in Islamabad in Last 5 Years

Only three rapists from 235 cases that were reported to the police in the federal capital have been convicted in the last five years, according to a document from the Islamabad police.

It revealed that 206 challans have been submitted to courts against these 235 cases involving 210 people.

14 of the 235 cases were investigated, 15 were withdrawn, and only three accused were convicted, as per the document. Furthermore, 33 suspects were acquitted and 170 cases were tried between 20 June 2017 and 20 June 2022.

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The Islamabad police presented the document to the Senate Standing Committee on Interior with regard to an agenda item. Although the committee met yesterday with Senator Mohsin Aziz in the chair, it did not discuss the matter due to time constraints.

As quoted by DAWN, the document read, “Interim reports have been submitted in the trial courts in under investigation cases. The above data shows a slight increase in the cases of rape, however, the ICT Police has taken following steps to control the crime”.

The document revealed that these steps entail all the station house officers (SHOs) having been instructed to promptly register rape case FIRs.

It also detailed that “Counseling and medical treatment may be provided to the victim. Quick response teams are deployed particularly for the early arrest of perpetrators. Investigation of such cases is being sent to the Special Sexual Offence Investigation Unit, which has been established at the zonal level for speedy investigation with the deployment of seasoned investigation officers”.

The concerned authorities are meeting with the heads of educational institutions and are launching an awareness campaign for the sensitivity of such cases in addition to measures that can prevent rapes. The ulema and khateebs have also been requested to speak to the masses about this crime during Friday sermons, as per the document.

It further read, “Mobile patrols have been strictly directed to keep a close eye on suspicious activities of outlaws to curb the said crime. A Gender Protection Unit has also been established by the police at the facilitation center in F-6 Markaz. To ensure easy access to the unit by the victims, a helpline – 1815 – has also been. Moreover, 15 lady police officers are also deployed in three shifts in the center to facilitate the victims and their families round the clock”.

Efforts are being made to arrest the suspects in the cases that are under investigation, the document added.

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