Greek State TV Teaches Viewers How to Steal Petrol From Cars [Video]

After an unprecedented increase in the prices of petroleum products, incidents of petrol theft from cars and motorcycles are rising all over the country with each passing day.

To make matters worse, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT or EPT), Greece’s state-owned public radio and television broadcaster, has recently aired a video to teach the public how to steal petrol from cars.

Here is the video:

According to details, the video was aired live on EPT’s morning show “Syndeseis” last week. In the video, the EPT reporter unabashedly says that stealing petrol from a car is not complicated.

The reporter adds that one doesn’t need a special tube to steal petrol as even a hose for balconies will do the job.

After this, the car mechanic proceeds to demonstrate how to steal petrol from a car. The mechanic also shows the viewers where the fuel tank is normally located as they can also pierce it to steal the contents.

It is probably the first video of its kind to have been aired on national TV. The video has gone viral as well and internet users have strongly criticized the Greek state broadcaster over the video.

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