Toyota Apologizes to Customers for Delayed Deliveries in Pakistan

The woes of Pakistan’s automotive industry are compounding with each passing day as manufacturers are finding it difficult to ensure timely deliveries of the booked vehicles.

Toyota Indus Motor Company has become the first automotive manufacturer to step forward and publicly apologize to customers for delayed deliveries.

According to details, IMC has stated that the company is facing extreme difficulties in operations due to the prevailing economic woes that have negatively affected its delivery schedule of the already booked orders.

The requirement of Letters of Credit (LC) for the import of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) units and the drastic devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar has disrupted its production.

IMC is currently reviewing the prevailing situation and will soon announce the revised schedule of deliveries for the pending orders as well as the resumption of bookings.

IMC has also expressed hope that the country will soon get out of the current economic turbulence and the company will be able to facilitate its customers as well.

  • Gives me no solace.
    What about CKDs already imported and cars being assembled by IMC. I booked my SE in December 21 for car to be delivered in July 22. On IMC’s demand, I made full payment in May. My family are anxiously waiting for the delivery of the car. Shall we too have to wait indefinitely for the delivery of the car.

  • It is fine.But why did toyota asked for Early payment (In the month of May 2022) when original balance payment was due in Aug / September…….Once the complete amount is paid the ONE FINE DAY THEY ISSUE NOTICE OF DELAY….not understood, Customers have the right to proceed for legal proceedings.This is not the way.

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