IT Ministry to Conduct Third-Party Performance Audit of High Impact Bootcamp Project

The Ministry of Information, Technology, and Telecommunication (MoITT) has decided to conduct a third-party performance audit of its project ‘High Impact Bootcamp’ to ensure compliance with desired key performance indicators.

It intends to launch high-impact training programs on various technologies through customized Bootcamps across Pakistan for the enhancement of the skills level to match international demands.

According to the MoITT, this project training program will be launched on a variety of technologies such as cloud computing, data science, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and others through customized Bootcamps in Islamabad and Karachi. The purpose of the training is to enhance Pakistani professionals’ technical skills to match international standards and demands.

Moreover, the IT Ministry said that the audit process should be designed to determine the status of the work performed on the High Impact Bootcamp project to ensure its compliance with the statement of work, such as the scope, time, and budget of the project, along with the maturity of the project management process on a single stage.

The ministry has invited chartered accountant firms that have valid registrations with tax and relevant authorities to conduct performance audits, and monitor and evaluate IT training on emerging technologies.

It has told the firms to submit their bidding documents before 15 July. Bids for the audit of the Bootcamp project will be opened on the same date.