Telcos Warn PTA as Data and Signal Loadshedding to Start Soon

Telecom operators have warned the government of potential connectivity failures if the power crisis continues, owing to the exorbitantly high fuel costs and tough conditions on import of batteries.

According to Dawn, leading cellular mobile operators (CMOS) have written a letter to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) highlighting that due to the severe power outages they are finding it impossible to deal with the situation despite having generators and batteries for backup. The telcos said that the duration of power outages has exceeded the backup capacity.

The letter has drawn the attention of the telecom regulator to “critical economy-wide factors” that are directly impeding and are expected to further severely constrain the ability of operators to meet the quality of service obligations.

The telecom operators said that the significant increase in fuel prices has placed extra constraints on the provision of backup for their base transceiver station (BTS) sites.

Adding that the extra fuel consumption to ensure backup also goes against the government’s objective of rationalizing fuel consumption in the ongoing tough economic situation, the telcos have warned that the situation has made maintaining network availability a “massive challenge.”

The letter mentioned that the condition of a 100 percent cash margin restriction on the import of network/backup equipment, including batteries imposed by the State Bank of Pakistan has further aggravated the situation.

CMOs’ said that the situation has severely dented their ability to roll out additional sites to meet the licensed quality of service requirements. It has also drastically impeded the addition of more backup capacity to overcome the power outages, the letter said.

The telecom companies have asked the PTA to help the industry keep providing essential telecom services to the masses.

The operators have warned PTA that if the outages continue and other issues were not resolved, they would be “constrained to notify force majeure situation under special circumstances”.

  • Isi ki kami thy…this action will pave way for crimes and loss of lives. Have mercy on people, Telcos!

  • Duniya Chand key Bad Mars per Ghar Bana Kar rehney ki taiyariyan kar rahi hy, aur hum log abhi tak in basic chezon se bhi bahar nhin asakay. prosperity ky bajaiye din ba din neechey dhastey chaley ja rahay hyn… halat ye hy ky log ab petrol chori karney per majboor ho gayi… Na Roti, Na Kapra, Na Makan,….. 20 saal se Musalat Party apna manshoor pora nhin kar pai. balkey jo tha wo bhi cheen liya.

  • Miftah Ismail is proudly annoucing that our economy will revive very soon. But at what cost? Increasing the prices at double rate? And more in reasing in the coming days? Electricity problem will only be solved by increasing the price at massive rates. And our awam is living theor lives like monkeys.

  • Considering the current economic environment I don’t think we can blame the telcos solely. I mean … fuel is getting expensive, the circular debt is all time high, everyone owes everybody else money, furnace oil is depleting day by day (electric companies rely heavily on this stuff) and $ prices all time high. This is just the start. People need to gear up for tougher times ahead.

  • If fuel prices and battery prices going up
    So why the companies install solar energy and also wind energy plants?

    • Jaga chiye hoti ha us k lite bts sites rent ki jaga pe laggi hoti hein , aur raat ko phir b chiye battries

  • Bc sb cheezo ki loadshadding..khud Khana b bnd kr do na .hr Cheez k rate high kr k awam ko tklf main dal k khud skn sy sty ho…lanati

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