Al-Kabeer Developers Sign Agreement with for Digital Marketing Services recently signed an agreement with Al-Kabir Town Developers to provide digital marketing services. Under the terms of the agreement, will provide digital marketing services through its platforms to Al-Kabir Town Developers for a period of one year, allowing the development company to raise its profile in the property market.

The agreement signing ceremony was attended by’s Senior Director Sales (Central) Shujaullah Khan, Director Sales (Central) Mohammad Hassan, Corporate Sales Manager Mohammad Umar Farooq, and Business Development Manager Sulman Bilal. Al-Kabir Town Developers was represented by its General Manager (GM) Marketing & Sales Khurram Shehzad.

Speaking on the occasion, Senior Director Sales (Central) Shujaullah Khan stated that the face of technology had transformed the world and that Zameen was offering the best digital services to Pakistan’s real estate industry in accordance with modern demands.

He further said that was the largest technology enterprise in the country, and this had been a result of the company’s commitment to providing its customers with excellent services. He added that digital marketing services in particular were one of’s specialties. Director Sales (Central) Muhammad Hassan took the opportunity to express his belief that Zameen is the most efficient real estate firm in Pakistan due to its experienced team and adaptability to modern technology. Through these factors, the company delivers the desired results in a short time, which is why consumers trust it.

He added that in today’s world, digital marketing had become the backbone of the marketing business and that currently offered the best digital marketing solutions and services to the real estate sector.

Al-Kabir Town Developers’ General Manager (GM) Marketing & Sales Khurram Shehzad also addressed the attendees and stated that the global business landscape had changed since the widespread usage of technology.

Any business that does not embrace modern technology lags far behind in the drive for expansion, which is why digital marketing is now such an essential component of a modern workplace, Khurram said.

He added that was one of Pakistan’s premier digital marketing service providers, having helped numerous companies in the past, which was why he was optimistic that Zameen’s services would be exceptional once again.