Yamaha Drops a Price Hike Bomb on YB125Z and YBR Buyers

Right on the heels of a huge price hike by Atlas Honda, Yamaha has also announced a massive increase in bike prices.

The new prices were revealed in an official notification from the company, which you can peruse down below:

Comparing the previous prices to the new ones, Yamaha has increased prices by a massive Rs. 26,500 for the YBR 125G models and by a minimum of Rs. 23,500 for the YB-125Z.

You can compare the price difference down below:

Bikes Current Prices (Rs.) Revised Prices (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
YB-125Z 231,500 255,000 23,500
YB-125Z DX 248,500 273,500 25,000
YBR-125 255,000 280,500 25,500
YBR-125G 265,500 292,000 26,500
YBR-125G (Matte Dark Gray) 268,500 295,000 26,500

The bike maker has been increasing prices since February this year, announcing a Rs. 10,000 hike then a Rs. 12,000 increase later in April. This was followed up by a huge increase earlier in June when Yamaha increased prices by up to Rs. 23,500.

In this month alone (counting the 3rd June increase and the current one combined), YBR125G’s prices have increased by nearly Rs. 50,000.

Yamaha hasn’t given a reason for the price increase, so we can only guess why they’ve increased them.

So far, this is the biggest price hike announced by the company. The economic crisis affecting Pakistan has been causing no shortage of trouble for car and bike manufacturers, with increasing raw material prices, US dollar exchange rates, and high fuel prices making it tough for everyone.

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  • Carry on. Time is not far when no one will ever know companies like honda suzuki and yamaha ever existed in Pakistan and corrupt people

  • Lets bycott the yamaha
    After 1 year they will decrease the price with the same speed

  • Its a bull shit, no one cares about the poor man, everyone should boycott these balckmalers like yamaha, suzuki, honda in bike as well as suzuki, honda and toyota in cars

  • They have passed on the super budget 10% tax to the buyer. If you see the price increase that is is also 10% of the price.

  • Simply mentioning the fuel cost, rupee depreciation, raw materials cost doesn’t justify the price hike. There should be solid reasons with detailed analysis presented such that the common people can easily deduce (not speculate) the increase in the price.

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