Petrol Pump Owners Threaten Countrywide Shutdown Due to Low Profit Margins

Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association (PPDA) has threatened a countrywide shutdown of fuel stations in protest against low profit margins. The association has demanded that petrol pump profit margins be increased to 6% by the government.

According to PPDA, the government hasn’t paid any attention to the profit margins of petroleum dealers for a long time. PPDA Chairman Abdul Sami Khan told the media that the meager profit margins are “forcing the dealers to shut down their businesses.”

Khan highlighted that operational costs have risen exponentially over the past few months. He added that the increased fuel costs have also shrunken fuel sales and dealt a heavy blow to the industry.

He added that the previous government promised an increase in profit margins. However, the increase in fuel costs have also increased concern among dealerships, Khan added.

He underlined that the recent fuel price hikes have hurt the business deeply, and that the protest will continue as long as their concerns aren’t addressed.