Honda Announces Car Delivery Delays

The entire car industry of Pakistan is reeling due to supply-chain hiccups and a general state of economic turmoil, causing Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) to also wave the white flag.

The company has issued a public notification, informing its customers of delayed deliveries of their cars. Honda has cited issues such as problems with getting letters of credit approved for CKD imports, integrated circuit shortage, and the current economic situation in Pakistan.

According to information from various dealerships, the delivery times of popular Honda vehicles are as follows:

Model Delivery
Honda Civic (Base Variant and Oriel) 4-5 Months
Honda Civic RS 1 Year
Honda City 1.2 2-3 Months
Honda City Aspire 4-5 Months
Honda BR-V 2.5-3 Months

Recently, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) also reportedly suspended bookings for its cars, citing similar issues. Market rumors suggest that more automakers are considering booking suspension before revising the prices of their cars.

The new fiscal year has started, which means that the next wave of price hikes is drawing closer.

  • They should have said that we are sorry for the delay which is our fault but we will still charge you more for our incompetence at the time of delivery on the basis of dollar rate

    • They never ever delivered a car on time, for basic and oriel unit they have always given 6 months time frame for the delivery.
      Why they say now 4-5 months even the delivery dates are delayed?

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