Honda Atlas Launches a 24 Hour Vehicle Towing Service

Honda Atlas Cars Limited (HACL) has announced the launch of a 24-hour vehicle towing and recovery service. The facility is exclusive to HACL customers only.

The service is available for those who experience a case of car breakdown, in which case, HACL’s professional breakdown assistance team will safely tow the car to the nearest authorized 3S and 2S dealerships.

Although the company did not highlight any specifics, it is likely that the service is only available to customers that are close to a HACL dealership. Those unfortunate enough to get stuck in the middle of nowhere might not be able to avail the service.

Delivery Delays

In a recent development, the company has announced car delivery delays. The company has cited issues such as constraints of Letter of Credit approval (for CKD imports), integrated circuit shortage, and the current economic situation in Pakistan.

Speculations suggest that more automakers are considering booking suspension before revising the prices of their cars. These updates spell disaster for carmakers as well as new car buyers.