Samsung Sold Less Phones in Q2 2022 but Earned More From its Chips: Analysts

Samsung is expected to publish its Q2 2022 financial report by the end of this week, but we already have analyst predictions ahead of actual results. According to expert forecasts, Samsung is expected to report a 15.6% increase in operating profit compared to Q2 2021.

The company is expected to generate positive results despite the decline in smartphone shipments during the April-June period. Samsung has reportedly sold 61 million smartphone units during the period, which is a 16% drop compared to the previous quarter. This is expected to bring a profit of $2 billion, which is about $45.8 million less than last year.

Samsung’s display business is also seeing weaker demand with a predicted operating profit of $760 million, down from about $990 million in 2021. The home appliance business will see an even bigger drop in operating profits, reduced to half the amount of last year.

The company’s chip business, however, continued to grow as always, making up for the poor performance of the rest of the divisions. Analysts predict that the chip business will see a 42% increase in operating profits in Q2 2022, or $7.5 billion. DRAM chip shipments will increase by 9% with 2% more NAND flash chips sold 2% than before according to predictions.

Samsung is expected to make a revenue of $58.4 billion in the period, out of which the operating profit is going to be $11 billion.

However, it is worth mentioning that these figures are estimates from industry experts and the actual results are going to be slightly different.