Saudi Arabia Officially Allows Israel to Use Its Airspace

Saudi Arabia has officially opened its airspace for all airlines from all countries across the world. The decision will also enable Israeli airlines to use the country’s airspace.

According to the official statement from Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), the Saudi airspace is now open for all airline operators subject to the fulfillment of specific requirements for overflights.

The decision is in line with the global conventions that prohibit discrimination against passenger jets. It will further cement Saudi Arabia’s position as an international hub that connects three continents, the statement added.

The development comes right before US President Joe Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia. The US President will fly from Israel today, becoming the first US leader to travel directly from Israel to Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this month, Israel had also requested Saudi Arabia to allow direct flights between both countries to facilitate the former’s Muslim citizens.

Israel’s Regional Cooperation Minister, Esawi Freij, who belongs to the country’s 18% Muslim minority, had said that he hopes to see the day when he can directly fly to Saudi Arabia to fulfill religious obligations.

Published by
Haroon Hayder