Price of Honesty: PSM Dismisses Officer Who Reported Rs. 10 Billion Theft

The management of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) has dismissed the officer who identified the theft of Rs. 10 billion, accusing him of theft and misconduct.

According to Express News, A-XEN CMD Security, Engineer Abdul Rehman had reported the Rs. 10 billion theft to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), PSM. Mr. Rehman had identified the officers involved in the theft and demanded an investigation to be carried out against them with the help of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

According to sources, the senior officers of PSM opened an old inquiry against Abdul Rehman and fired him, accusing him of misconduct. The dismissal permit was issued the day after the Ministry of Industry and Production (MoIP) approached the FIA.

Moreover, in the report investigating the theft of Rs. 10 billion by the Ministry of Industry and Production (MoI&P), the management of PSM described it as a secret to the top management officers. They accused Abdul Rehman, against whom the evidence has been provided to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). PSM, in its reply to the ministry, to cover up the theft of Rs. 10 billion, said that the officer who compiled the report had misbehaved with the Corporate Secretary, after which he was given an opportunity to apologize. They further said that Abdul Rehman did not appear in response to the show cause notice and continued to submit fake medical reports. According to PSM management, theft is beyond the discretion of FIA.

Abdul Rehman, the officer who compiled the theft report and evidence, told the media that he would file a legal action against the decision to dismiss the false inquiry as a punishment for looting national assets. He added that he was ready to defend their position and present incontrovertible evidence of collusive thefts by top management to systematically destroy PSM.

He further said that more than 35 FIRs had been registered in PSM for the theft incidents. However, the management did not take action against a single complaint. He also said that FIRs of many incidents were not registered at all, and the matter was suppressed.

  • Nothing new in the banana republic of Pakistan! Always the whistle blowers get blown away, and the corrupt use their dirty money to leverage the odds in their favour. Pakistan will never progress unless rule of law is established.

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