Govt to Launch Rs. 42 Billion Breakwater Project in Gwadar Port Area

The government has decided to launch a project worth Rs. 42.19 billion for the construction of a breakwater at Jebel-e-Nuh for the expansion of Port Gwadar.

The prerequisite for the expansion is the installation of the breakwater to provide tranquil berthing conditions for the port’s eastern-most berths to be developed, according to official documents available with ProPakistani. The implementation period of the breakwater project is 10 years, and it will be completed in 2032, as stated in the documents.

In consonance with the Gwadar Port Master Plan (ADL 2007) and the China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC} concession agreement requirements for infrastructure development, the Breakwater Feasibility Study (2020), a breakwater at the tip of Gwadar Headland (Jebel-e-Nuh) has been proposed by experts, the documents revealed.

The plans have been conceived vide a comprehensive Feasibility Study prepared by CCCC Consultants.

No breakwater of this dimension exists in the area. The feasibility concluded that a breakwater of 1,772m in length in the NE direction is constructed, as per the documents.

The government has entered into a concession agreement with COPHC through GPA for the operation and development of Port Gwadar. Moreover, the GPA currently follows a Master Plan for the Development of the Port, as well as the development of associated Free Zones.

The COPHC is required to undertake the expansion of Gwadar Deep Water Port under the concession agreement. The prerequisite for this expansion is the introduction of a breakwater at Jebel-e-Nuh to provide tranquil berthing conditions for the port’s eastern berths to be developed.

The necessity of the proposed new breakwater was also reaffirmed in the Master Plan for Gwadar prepared by Arthur D. Little. Hence the development of the Jebel-e-Nuh breakwater would warrant future development and expansion of the port.

The purpose of this breakwater project is mainly to provide ample marine protection against waves and monsoonal swells and meet limiting (allowable) wave conditions considered safe for berthing, as cargo operation as well as other functions of the 4.8 km of East Bay development proposed for Gwadar Port, Eastbay Fishing Boats Basin, future ship services and bunkering facilities, the proposed Naval Basin project, and the existing multipurpose wharf during both construction and operational stages.

The expansion of Port Gwadar entails the future construction of berths to cater to New Generation Ships. Gwadar Port Breakwater is designed to protect the area within Master Plan (2007), including the gently sloping beaches, while reducing coastal erosion and impacts of siltation at the East Bay. Overall, the Gwadar Port Breakwater will enable safe working at the port, navigation, cargo handling, berthing and unberthing, dredging, hydrographic surveys, mooring, etc.