Can You Drive an Electric Car Through Floods? [Video]

Most people perceive electric cars as home appliances with zero tolerance for water. However, a daring driver from Malaysia demonstrated through a social media video that electric vehicles (EVs) CAN go through a flood quite easily.

A driver named Farhan A. Rahim drove his Tesla Model 3 through flood water last year. The video recently gained traction on the internet, spurring curiosity among people regarding the car’s impressive ability to drive through water.

The video shows that most of the EV’s bottom portion is drenched in water as it continues ahead effortlessly. Experts have suggested — based on the video — that EVs are better at driving through water than internal combustion engine (ICE) based cars.

Since an EV has no air intake, it doesn’t suffer from hydro-lock — where the air intake sucks water into the engine, causing it to fail. Furthermore, as a part of their quality check procedures, Tesla and other high-end EV makers drive their EVs through the water to assess weaknesses.

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Although EVs are capable of driving through water, none of the automakers recommend that customers take them for a swim. An EV’s powertrain components are still vulnerable to short-circuiting so you should be careful when going into water either way.