Ahsan Iqbal Tells HEC to Introduce Entrepreneurship and Export Marketing Course

The Federal Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives, Ahsan Iqbal, has directed the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to develop a compulsory course on entrepreneurship and export marketing course for university students.

He also tweeted about it, asking for suggestions about the proposed course.

He said, “I have asked HEC to develop a course on entrepreneurship and export marketing, which every university student must take.”

A Twitter user, Malik Sarmad Riaz, responded to it, claiming that a compulsory course on the subject already exists and it just needs to be updated.

Earlier this month, Minister Iqbal had instructed the HEC to modernize the higher education sector so it could meet the contemporary trends and needs, and for universities’ curricula to be designed according to the job market.

He stated this in a meeting at his ministry with the newly reinstated Chairman of the HEC, Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, and added that the latter’s vast experience in the education sector would be reflected in the HEC’s new policies.

Minister Iqbal highlighted that the HEC had been allotted sufficient funds despite the economic crisis in the country, and suggested that a competitive process be developed with the help of the academic and performance audit system of the universities.

“Priority sectors and best universities should be selected for scholarships abroad,” he opined.

The minister also asked for candidates to be selected from the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor Project (a PhD scholarship program) and for arrangements to be made for the establishment of the Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Metallurgy Institute.