Hackers Breach Punjab Land Record Authority

An unknown hacker group has recently breached Punjab Land Record Authority’s (PLRA) data system to try and tamper with the Land Record Management Information System. The authority enhanced its security soon after detecting the hacking attempt.

The news comes from 24NewsHD, which shared the report on Wednesday on its TV channel. The report confirms that PLRA has now upgraded its security.

Furthermore, the authority’s Additional Director General has written a letter to the Secretary of the Board of Revenue about the hack and the new security features of its data system. The Director General informed the board that these unknown hackers used fake CNIC numbers to create fake accounts through some rural centers and land record centers to access data from the Land Records System.

Since the hacking attempt, all official operators at the Land Record Centres and Rural Centres Maal (Revenue) have been directed to change their passwords and login information to update security. Operators will also be required to verify their logins through fingerprints from NADRA.

The complete CNIC data of official operators will also be available in the Land Record System and legal action will be taken against fake accounts.

Data breaches and leaks have become a lot more common lately. Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) recently had its data leaked without being hacked. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), however, had its data breached through a cyberattack that leaked a lot of sensitive information.

Pakistan’s government authorities have been focusing on digitizing their processes and apps, but clearly, there is a need for better security systems for all these tech developments. However, it is also true that no matter how secure a data system is, there is almost always a way to breach it.

  • Hacking aside when will the authorities digitize the rest of Punjab land records. The current version is limited only to certain regions and the citizens are dependent on dealing with corrupt Patwaris for most other regions. Moreover there’s no option to see the fard record overlay on top of Google maps. Please add that feature as Google maps is the defacto standard of digital maps.

  • Their system is very pathetic. It doesn’t register at first. But if it does then give error messages again and again. I tried to register again and again but no positive result. They should make it user friendly and secure properly.

  • First the set fires to official records, now they started hacking the records. I dnt see we will get rid of devil ever

  • The only solution to cyber security is to hire competent people. Just visit any centre and observe what kind of people were hired. I already raised by voice once that land record site is very vulnerable and any web developer can find the ElasticSearch bad implementation totally open to access remotely. To date govt web sites are not managed by good developers.

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