NHMP Seizes Thousands of Motorcycles With No Side Mirrors

National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) is carrying out a strict operation against commuters riding motorbikes without helmets and rearview mirrors under strict orders from Inspector General (IG) Khalid Mahmood.

So far, the authorities have impounded over 25,000 motorbikes across all the national highways. The department officers have conducted safety briefings on select highways to enhance road safety awareness.

These efforts are a part of NHMP’s ‘#NoMore’ campaign that has seen technological innovations and a strict law enforcement regime. IG NHMP has directed the field operatives to adopt a zero-tolerance policy to ensure safe travels on highways and motorways across Pakistan.

Action Against Overcharging

Last month, NHMP paid back Rs. 5.83 million to passengers overcharged during Eid ul Azha. Additionally, the department fined 4,077 public transport vehicles for overcharging and 17,499 other vehicles for overloading.

The spokesperson of NHMP said that IG Mehmood had issued strict directions in this regard. The department chased, ceased, and fined over 2,000 vehicles while spotters, variable messaging sign boards, and manned toll plazas aided proper law enforcement.

Many passengers faced difficulties while traveling to their hometowns on Eid-ul-Adha due to overcharging by private transporters. NHMP maintained a strict check and balance on the highways and motorways and took action against law offenders.