Punjab to Shift Orange Line Metro Train to Solar Power

Punjab government plans to shift Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) to solar energy to save utility expenses and preserve the environment.

Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) General Manager (Operation), Ozair Shah, told the media that shifting OLMT to renewable energy is the only viable solution amid soaring electricity rates. He added that the transition could help the government save Rs. 1.9 billion.

Ozair added that the government is considering various plans to move OLMT to solar power. The department is currently weighing the pros and cons of each plan to implement the most viable transition strategy, he added.

One of the plans is to build a solar plant with capacity of 50MW or 70MW. The solar plant will activate a mechanism of input to output through WeLink to power up OLMT instead of using traditional electricity apparatus.

Chinese contractor CR-Norinco — a joint venture between China State Railway Group (CR) and China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) — mobilized OLMT as per a Built Operate Transfer (BOT) operating model. Initially, CR-Norinco and PMTA co-operated the service, however, in 2020, PMTA took complete charge of OLMT.

Its track spans 27.1 kilometers and consists of 26 stations. According to details, 27 trains traverse the track, catering to 245,000 passengers daily. PMTA claimed that, since the mobilization of OLMT, its total passenger count has exceeded 20 million.

The authority now seeks to expand the service while ensuring a sustainable lifeline in the form of solar power.

  • 10 years in Kp and 4 years in Punjab. They have no project except show off. malik riaz land and FFunding frauds, BRT scam etc.
    Allah may save us from this Fitna

  • Just add Solar Energy to the national grid? Why bring any specific project into the talk of establishing renewable energy? Energy will be saved whether used for trains or domestic/commercial purpose.

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