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NUST Shares 13 New Bus Routes for Islamabad With CDA

The National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) has identified 13 new bus routes connecting several areas of Islamabad in a study that it has shared with the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

The study was shared in a meeting held at the CDA Headquarters that was attended by CDA Chairman, Captain (r) Mohammad Usman; officials from the CDA and NUST; and former MNAs Anjum Aqeel Khan, Hanif Abbasi, and Tariq Fazal Chaudhry.

The CDA had commissioned the university to conduct a feasibility study to identify new potential bus routes in the federal capital.

Sources said that the officials from NUST stated that 13 new routes have been identified to improve intercity connectedness. Nine of these new routes are within the city and the four for the rural areas include Nilor to Khanna, Tramri to Aabpara, N5 (GT Road) to D-17, and IJP Road to the IJP Metro Station.

The NUST officials gave a presentation on the study and will soon forward a report to the CDA which will then prepare a PC-I to begin civil work on the routes.

Sources said 150 buses will be required for the 13 routes, and the CDA will try to engage private operators to ply buses on them after completing the construction of the routes.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had instructed the CDA last month to initiate an intercity bus service within a month, which prompted it to start working on the service after launching three metro bus services.

Conversely, all the Metro Bus services (Orange, Blue, and Green) that he had inaugurated in April and July are still offering commuters free rides because the federal government is yet to determine their fares.


  • What about people coming from Rawat and DHA 2 and 5 for work and education to islamabad (G10, F10, F8etc)

      • The bulk of traffic from DHA 2/5/6, Naval Anchorage, PWD and DHA phases around/after Rawat to sectorial Islamabad is not catered for in existing routes. Koral is only barely half of the route length.

  • We all have to awake up, it,s really a natural disaster. Please do something at your own for the ppl suffering badly now.

  • It,s right time now become and behave like a respected and real Nation. you can even a single person’s food daily to any most deserving person or family. MI

  • What about the Golra Darbar and Golra Station? NUST’s own transport does not go there.

  • There should be something for students going to H8. H8 is always crowded with private cars, if the students start using public transport, that can be reduced.

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