COVID-19 Restrictions Relaxed for International Travelers

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) declared on Friday that passengers on flights to Pakistan are no longer mandated to upload their data to the Pass Track App.

It has notified all scheduled and chartered air carriers and ground handling agencies of the relaxation of the regulation that had been imposed to monitor inbound passengers during the pandemic.

As per the directive, the app is being suspended but the CAA could reimpose the restriction if the number of coronavirus cases rises again.

Since 1 May 2021, the CAA had made it obligatory for inbound travelers to upload their data to the app, and had told the airlines to submit the information. The measure had been taken in an effort to curtail the transmission of Covid-19 and streamline passengers’ data.

In other news, last month, the CAA made it compulsory for all international passengers coming to or leaving Pakistan to fill out currency declaration forms and give them to airline staff. Accordingly, passengers are now required to disclose all types of domestic and foreign currencies they are carrying on the currency declaration forms, which must be filled out before checking-in for flights.

For inbound flights, airlines are required to make an in-flight announcement for the submission of the subject declaration, wherein the passengers will mention the currency under the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) regulatory requirements. The crew will distribute the forms during the flight, and they will be deposited at the Customs counters before the immigration desks.

For outbound flights, airlines are also to direct their staff/travel agents to provide passengers with a copy of the declaration when they book their tickets. Airlines staff will only issue boarding passes at check-in counters after the passengers submit their declarations to them. The airline staff will hand the forms to the Customs staff after the closure of the flight along with the passenger’s manifest.

The CAA has also provided spaces and counters for the collection of all declaration forms for facilitating passengers and staff.