Here Are The New Import Taxes on Mobile Phones

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There is a reason why the new iPhones cost an absurd amount in Pakistan. Import taxes have been raised yet again, to the point a base-level iPhone 14 costs more than last year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max with double the storage.

As per the new rates, a 128 GB iPhone 14 costs Rs. 419,999, a base iPhone 14 Plus is going for 459,999, the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro is Rs. 489,999, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will cost you Rs. 529,999. But these are based on commercial rates, which are always higher than the total cost of a phone plus import taxes.

As for the import taxes alone, the tables below show the new rates. Note that these rates have been effective since August 22 and will be applicable until next year on the same date. As always, the charges are different for imports made through passports and CNIC.

Passport Rates

Mobile Phone Value in USD Fixed Rate in PKR
Up to 30 1230
Above 30 and up to 100 6400
Above 100 and up to 200 17280
Above 200 and up to 350 23800 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 350 and up to 500 34000 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 500 and up to 700 52000 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 700 60000 + 17% Sales Tax


CNIC Rates

Mobile Phone Value in USD Fixed Rate in PKR
Up to 30 1430
Above 30 and up to 100 7843
Above 100 and up to 200 20031
Above 200 and up to 350 24770 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 350 and up to 500 39000 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 500 and up to 700 635000 + 17% Sales Tax
Above 700 71500 + 17% Sales Tax


Going by these rates, importing an iPhone 14 through a passport should cost about Rs. 276,100. A base iPhone 14 costs $799, which is Rs. 184,701. Adding 17% sales tax (Rs. 31,399) + Rs. 60,000 brings the total value to Rs. 276,100. This shows how much of a margin phone retailers tend to have.

This means that all upcoming phones, especially flagship phones, will launch with ridiculous price tags in Pakistan. Samsung’s new foldables, for instance, will easily cost you around Rs. 400,000 and above.

  • Actually, Pakistan needs a new fresh air, let’s change our beloved nation’s name from Pakistan to Taxistan.
    I think soon most of the people will plan to shift to another country and unfortunately, I am one of them.
    Sorry Pakistan but I prefer my family’s comfort first.

    • The country who robs their own people. The Govt sitting in the office making plans how to loot the public more & more rather than making development plans. Pakistan should do trades (or to find a job) to make money rather than robbing its own people. Way too many taxes.

    • I second that bro, I’m of the view if you are charging high taxes, you should facilitate people from that money which is never their priority. They are over squeezing tax payers whereas non-taxpayers are chillinh out. You call to discourage luxury items, which competitive product have you offered? You are incapable of even making a needle and trying to set policies of international standards. RIP

    • Yes you are right and I m also planning to shift out side Pakistan Can you help me to select destination because USA, Canada, UK and Australia are hard to get visa do u have any idea where to go in Europe where we can earn also can u sugest jo type there any idea?

  • In slab: Above 500 and up to 700 Fixed Rate: 635000 + 17% Sales Tax
    سرکار نا کرو 63500 ہی رہے تو بات لاکھوں میں نا لے کر جاؤ۔ عوام پہلے ہی بڑی تنگ اے۔ اک صفر گھٹ کر دویو۔ مہربانی

  • Pakistan ma badaqal logo Kee hakomat aii ha ya smjata ha ka taxes barha ka bht bara Marka mar raha lkn hakeeqat ma ya kamina Pakistan ka bht zaida nuqsan kr rha h

  • Any literally none of these taxes will goto the betterment of Pakistan, instead elites will just buy more houses, cars & flippin iphones for their personal use.

  • I imported AirPods to my USA LLC address and forwarded to Pakistan using UPS paid extra 47$ and today got call that AirPods Arrived in Lahore and has a duty of 69540 PKR 😞😞😒😒 .. Lanat h Pakistan Chor Governments All is Corrupt here Unfortunately I requested to return this to USA

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