Islamabad’s Public Hospitals to Increase Bed Capacity for Dengue Patients

Islamabad’s government hospitals have decided to increase their medical services for dengue patients, including beds in hospitals, after noting the rising number of cases in the city.

The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and the Poly Clinic hospital have provided additional beds for dengue patients.

Note that over 700 patients with symptoms of dengue fever reportedly visited the public hospitals in Islamabad.

As part of the special measures, the Poly Clinic is starting a special round-the-clock out-patient-department (OPD) service for dengue patients, and its spokesperson, Dr. Jabbar Bhutto, revealed that it is also setting up a special counter for them.

He said that 21 dengue patients, comprising 11 adults and 10 children, have already been admitted to the hospital, and revealed that it will increase its bed capacity in accordance with the growing number of patients.

The PIMS hospital administration disclosed that it has 26 dengue patients that are under treatment and 16 recovered patients have been discharged. The hospital had set aside 56 beds for its dengue patients and has two dedicated surgical wards — 2 and 6 — for them.

Besides this, the Federal General Hospital has admitted 15 dengue patients and has allotted 25 beds for them.

A total of 128 dengue cases were reported over the last 24 hours in the federal capital, and 871 cases have been reported so far this season. In addition to this, four dengue patients passed away in Islamabad this season.

Islamabad’s District Health Officer (DHO), Zaeem Zia, revealed that of the reported number of cases, 72 were from rural areas and the remaining 24 reports were from urban places.