Pakistan State Oil’s Market Share Jumped to 47% in 2020-21: OGRA Report

The market share of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has increased by 3 percent to 47 percent in the financial year 2020-21 from 44 percent in FY 2019-20.

The Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have built a storage capacity of 0.58 million tons for Petrol (MS) and 0.88 million tons for High-Speed Diesel (HSD) at various depots spread over the country by the end of FY 2020-21, stated by OGRA’s State of the Regulated Petroleum Industry report 2020-21.

Oil Marketing Companies have set up their infrastructure in the form of storage facilities and retail outlets for marketing POL products. MS and HSO accounted for more than 80 percent of OMCs sales.

OMC-wise MS storage indicates that PSO has a 33.66 percent share followed by GO having 11.82 percent, SPL at 10.42 percent, TPPL at 9.62 percent, Be Energy at 8.07 percent, and APL at 6.69 percent of total MS storage capacity. For HSD, PSO has a 36.64 percent share in storage capacity, Be Energy 11.55 percent, APL 10.81 percent, and GO 9.18 percent of total diesel capacity.

Regionally, Sindh has 50.09 percent, Punjab 47.51 percent, KP 1.26 percent, and Balochistan 1.10 percent share of total MS storage capacity. While for HSD, Sindh has 40.12 percent, Punjab 54.83 percent, KP 2.93 percent, and Balochistan 2.03 percent share of total HSD storage capacity.

OMC’s Retail Network:

OMCs market POL products through their respective retail outlets. OMCs have 9,978 retail outs spread across the country. Data reveals PSO has the largest number of retail outlets i.e., 3,158 (31.65 percent), followed by Askar Oil 905 (9.07 percent), TPPL 788 (7.90 percent), Shell 748 (7.50 percent), GO 730 (7.32 percent) and APL 657 (6.58 percent). Region-wise, Punjab has 6,475 (64.89 percent), Sindh 2,214 (22.19 percent), KP 1,006 (10.08 percent) and Balochistan 178 (1.78 percent) retail outlets.