Indian Hackers Steal Personal Information of Pakistanis Through Fake Jobs Website

Indian hackers have started stealing Pakistanis’ personal information through fake employment advertisements and a website.

The Federal Government has issued a notification in this regard to Federal Ministries and Provincial Chief Secretaries, informing them about an Indian website ‘’ that is being maliciously used by Indian hackers.

In addition, the government’s notice has alerted the public to refrain from applying on the mentioned phishing website and urged them against uploading any personal or financial information. Moreover, it also highlighted the significance of verifying the website’s security before sharing sensitive data.

It is pertinent to mention that the authorities have reportedly suspended the domain, as it is currently inaccessible.

Earlier this month, the official website of the Export Development Fund (EDF) of Pakistan, an autonomous entity under the Ministry of Commerce, was hacked, making it the country’s second-worst security breach in a year.

As per the details, over 4GB of data was stolen that included hexed passwords, email records and history, files, and other sensitive information of the state institution.

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