PTA Advises Parents to Use Parental Control Apps

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advised parents to use parental control software on mobile phones and devices to prevent any untoward incident related to cybercrime.

The telecom watchdog has stated in an advisory, “Parents need to be watchful of children’s online activities to avoid their involvement in cybercrime over the internet/social media, ultimately resulting in penal consequences.”

Being on the internet has the usual benefits of gaming, entertainment, and engaging in educational activities; however, it also contains potential risks such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and exposure to online predators. Children can easily become victims of such activities if not guided or supervised by their parents and teachers, the watchdog explained.

List of Softwares

PTA has also provided the list of software offering parental control for public guidance:

  1. Net Nanny
  2. Norton
  3. Qustodio
  4. WebWatcher
  5. McAfee Safe
  6. Family Witigo
  7. Parental Filter
  8. ContentBarrier
  9. Spytech SentryPC
  10. Verity

  • PTA should first stop charging people for fee to activate the phone they already paid for. No country in the world has this stupid law and still we are having below average customer support from PTA. Even they close clear cut complaints without giving any reason.

  • The Tax on mobile phone is legit but the amount of tax that PTA charge, makes the actual phone price double to its original cost. This never happen in any part of the world except Pakistan. PTA should revise the schedule of charging tax on new and older phones and let the pakistanis use their phone positively.

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