Beautiful Waterfalls Near Islamabad that are Worth Your Visit

By Zafar Iqbal

Pakistan is a lovely nation with many beautiful spots to visit. It is rich in diverse landscapes and majestic mountain ranges. Above all, it is blessed with countless waterfalls, one of nature’s most soothing creations.

It’s incredible to see them fall from the altitude and slide down a rock face into the river below. Waterfalls in Pakistan are popular tourist destinations. They are open throughout the summer, and several are also open during the winter.

Here are the top 5 waterfalls near Islamabad that you may visit whenever you want.

Neela Wahn Waterfall

Neela Wahn Waterfall is an excellent destination for adventure seekers and hikers. It’s a stunning quatrain of blue-colored ponds near Kallar Kahar, Punjab.

This heavenly beauty of nature can be found in the valley of Wanhar, between Kahar Valley and Sahan Valley. This location is around 15 kilometers from Kallar Kahar Lake on Khushab road.

The villages of Nurpur and Sethi surround the ponds. The ponds are tiny in size and are known as ‘Neela Wahn’ because of their crystal cleanliness and blue color. Climbers can see the ponds even at 5,000 feet due to their appealing blue color, which stands out in that rich green valley.

Neela Sandh Waterfall

Even Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents would be shocked to learn that there is a waterfall and natural swimming pools on the outskirts of the capital city. No season stops this waterfall from flowing. Moreover, Neela Sandh Waterfall is located in a beautiful spot.

Neela Sandh Waterfall is a beautiful picnic area only 38 kilometers (km) from the center of Islamabad, making it easily accessible in a little over an hour. Once you get there, you’ll see that you’ve been missing out on this stunning place that’s right in your backyard!

Makhnial Waterfall

Makhnial Waterfall is the most enthralling waterfall near Islamabad. A pure blue cascade is hidden between the massive mountains and the dark woods.

Tourists can reach the Makhnial cascade in 10 minutes from Pine Valley Residential street. The street is entirely built around it, and one may get there without difficulty. However, those who want to make the journey more exciting can come via the Margalla Hills.

The Makhnial Ridge Trail is located behind Margalla Hills Trails 1-6 Margalla Trails, which is why it is referred to as the Second Hillside Trail. The Makhnial Ridge Trail is the second stop on the 44-kilometer edge from Shah Allah Ditta to Murree.

The trip time from Makhnial to Tilhar is 4 hours if you unwind between them, while the distance is just about 18 miles. The shortest trek is 14 kilometers and three hours from Masta to Gokina.

The climbing is simple and comfortable as the sun is in the shade of the second Margalla journey. Among the dense trees and gusty winds, the trail does lead to a spectacular nibbling glade. If you are in the Islamabad area, you should check out this waterfall.

Noori Waterfall

The Noori Waterfall is a cascade in Tial Town, Haripur, KPK. It is approximately 53 miles (85 kilometers) from Islamabad. The cascade is around ten feet tall.

Furthermore, it is situated on the slope in an open cavern-like structure. The cascade isn’t exceptionally high but flows with pure blue water. The strait is deep, with a deep sandy foundation along the margins.

Furthermore, the natural waterfall is around 10 feet tall and more powerful on each side where the pool meets the sand. The pool is maintained from the top of Koh Siri, the third most notable peak in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Umbrella Waterfall

Another popular tourist destination in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the Umbrella Waterfall near Sajikot, Abbottabad. It is around 27 kilometers from Havelian.

The Sajikot cascade is triggered similarly. Furthermore, this is such a beautiful cascade that people forget to blink. Some even consider it the most beautiful waterfall on the earth.

The Umbrella Waterfall can be seen when driving along Sajikot street; after about 10 kilometers, there is a parking space where you can leave your vehicle. The descent to the cascade takes around 30 to 40 minutes from there.

It’s worth noting that it will take over an hour on the way back. In any event, Sajikot street should be cautiously approached due to its treacherous turns. The name of Sajikot Street has been changed to Kalabagh-Nathia Gali Road, which will lead you to your destination.

You can take the Hazara Expressway to the Shah Maqsood interchange. Travel to Hevellian and follow the signs to Sajjikot. Sajikot gets in the way. A Masjid and Bazar can be found 10 minutes away from Sajikot.

You may park there and take a challenging route up a hill to the Umbrella Waterfall. You can depart quickly, but returning to the road and hiking is difficult. It is a moderate hike of 35 to 40 minutes.

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