Saudi Arabia Launches Project Tawqir to Make Services Simpler for Elderly Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia’s Haramain Sharifain Authority (HSA) has launched the Tawqir program for the convenience of elderly pilgrims under which they will be given social, voluntary, and humanitarian services.

According to details, the General Presidency of Haramain Sharifain Affairs, Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudais, inaugurated the project.

The program’s goal is to make worship services simpler and more comfortable for senior citizens, along with making their trip memorable by taking good care of them.

Furthermore, Saudi authorities detailed that there are no designated airports for the pilgrims and they may enter the country from any airport without any restrictions.

In this regard, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah (MoHU) stated that the visitors coming for Umrah are allowed to stay for 90 days and can travel all across the country, including Makkah and Madinah.

The Ministry further stated that if pilgrims choose to visit Kingdom for Umrah, they may do so by submitting an online visa application through authorized channels.

Moreover, the Saudi authorities advise the pilgrims to register on the Nusuk app (previously Eatmarna) so they can ensure the necessary steps if someone has coronavirus. Note that a visa for Saudi Arabia is mandatory for registration on the mentioned app and for the issuance of the Umrah permit.