ECNEC To Approve Chashma Canal, Naulong Dam, Lowari Tunnel and Karachi-Quetta Road

A meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) has been scheduled to be held on Friday, October 7, 2022, to consider approval of large scale projects including Chashma Right Bank Canal, Naulong Multipurpose Dam, Karachi–Quetta–Chamman Road, Wadh–Khuzdar Road, Chitral–Booni–Mastuj–Shandur Road, and Lowari Road Runnel & access road projects.

The Committee will discuss various agendas and will consider 14 projects worth Rs. 237.734 billion for approval, including instructions for Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies and procedures to clear pending liabilities of the closed projects.

In the energy sector, the committee will discuss the 500 kilovolt (kV) Sialkot Substation and the addition and augmentation of 500 kV and 220 kV transformers at the existing grid stations for the removal of the National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) system constraints.

Moreover, in the sector of infrastructure, the agendas include the construction of Chashma Right Bank Canal (lift-Cum-Gravity) Project and Naulong Multipurpose Dam Project (Modified 2nd Revised PC-1).

Similarly, in the social sector, the committee agenda is the Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarship for Afghan National Students (Phase-III).

The Naulong Multipurpose Dam Project, Jhal Magsi, is also on the agenda of the ECNEC. The total cost of the project is Rs. 39,944.52 million, of which, 80% will be financed through the Asian Development Bank (ADB), while 20% would be financed through the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

In the transport and communication sector, the committee agenda includes the dualization and rehabilitation of Karachi–Quetta–Chamman Road (N-25) from Karachi–Kararo (232-km) and Wadh–Khuzdar (41-km) for a total length of 273 km, and the dualization of Kararo–Wadh Section (83-km) and Kuchlak–Chamman Section (104-km) of national highway (N-25) with a length of 187 km.

Also in the transport and communication sector, the committee will discuss the improvement and widening of Chitral–Booni–Mastuj–Shandur Road (153 km) revised, and the Lowari road tunnel and access road projects (3rd revised).

The revised Locust Emergency and Food Security Project (LEAFS) worth Rs. 25.120 billion is also being discussed in the meeting.

In attendance will be Federal Ministers for Finance and Revenue; Planning, Development and Special Initiatives; Commerce; and Communications. Some officials with special invitations and some from the provincial governments will also attend the meeting.