Infrastructure Sharing Framework for Telecom Sector in the Works

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) has decided to prepare the telecom industry infrastructure sharing framework.

According to the Ministry of IT and Telecom, the consultation of all stakeholders is going on for the creation of an infrastructure-sharing framework.

The meeting for the finalization of the draft telecom infrastructure sharing framework of the telecom industry was concluded under the Chairmanship of Member (Telecom) Omar Malik with industry stakeholders and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The meeting was attended by all relevant stakeholders.

Industry viewpoints for the improvement of passive and active infrastructure by Tawal, Enfrashare, Sunwalk, Telenor, Jazz, PTCL, Wateen, and Ufone were deliberated.

Infrastructure sharing regime/framework will open the huge potential for foreign direct investment and inclusion of new companies in Pakistan. It will also facilitate cellular mobile operators to reduce operational costs to enhance sustainability.

The framework once in place will open a new era of domestic and international investments in Pakistan and will increase job opportunities.