Nature at Work: Strong Winds Push Smog Back to India

A strong spell of westerly winds has deflected the smog back to India, which has significantly lowered Lahore’s air quality index (AQI) to half of what it was before.

As per the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), India’s stubble burning created smog in Pakistan that was further amplified by the wind direction.

Interestingly, strong westerly winds of 80 km per hour pushed the smog back to India and lowered the AQI from 400 to the range of 125-200. Meanwhile, the winds also influenced the rains in the country, especially in Balochistan where the district Panjgur recorded a 44mm downpour.

Furthermore, low-latitude westerly winds struck the Arabian Sea, bringing rain to Karachi and Quetta. Also, PMD has predicted 30mm of rain in Lahore today. After a moderate rain spell in the metropolis, the westerly winds will exit the country.

The current spell of winds has reduced the minimum temperature to 15°C, which will prevent dengue mosquito reproduction. Resultantly, the number of dengue cases will dramatically decline in the city. Accordingly, the AQI will continue to improve in the next few days.

Note here that the next spell of westerly winds will enter Pakistan on 20 November, followed by a dense fog spell at the end of November and the start of December, the PMD added.

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