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Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train Revises Fares

Amid rising inflation, the Punjab government has revised the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT) fares. The Punjab Cabinet has approved the OLMT’s stop-to-stop fare, which includes five brackets.

Provincial Transport Minister, Muneeb Sultan Cheema, mentioned the following fare brackets:

  • Rs. 20 for a journey up to 4 km
  • Rs. 25 for up to 8 km
  • Rs. 30 for up to 12 km
  • Rs. 35 for up to 16 km
  • Rs. 40 from Ali Town to Dera Gujran and vice-versa (end-to-end journey)

The Punjab Mass Transit Authority (PMTA) is also to issue fare reduction cards to working women and students. The department has already issued free-ride cards to facilitate senior citizens and disabled persons.

While talking to Dawn on the matter, a senior official stated:

In the first phase, we will be introducing the distance-based fares for the Orange Line. Though keeping in view our arrangements completed a few days ago, we wanted to implement it from Nov 18 but we couldn’t do so due to non-issuance of the minutes of the meeting on Thursday. However, we will implement it as soon as we receive the minutes that we are expecting in a day or two. In the 2nd phase, we will get the weekly and monthly discounted and free travelling cards prepared. And the cards will be issued to working women and students who will get 30pc discount in fares.

PMTA is awaiting the cabinet’s approval for the discount cards for working women and students.

  • Its better to use public transport for example I move from Baghbanpura to Railway Station I will prefer to use public transport.I will travel on orange train when i move from baghbanpura to Ali town.

  • Very convenient service with neat and clean environment. Used it on regular basis from Ali town to shalamar garden. Suitable for family travel as well.

    • Bakwaas.
      Even if there is rush, it takes maximum 2-3mins to get the ticket. Have been travelling in orange train for over 3 years now. Never seen “an hour” long wait for ticket. Maximum time is 3 mins.

  • Authorities to consider the shuttle roots of speedo bus svc at OL surrounded residential areas linked to OL stations.

    Also need to develope parking system at OL stations.

  • Where from the free travel cards for senior citizens will be available, Will these cards at any cost on the first issue or all complimentry?

  • the interesting thing will be the control over those people who will pay for less than 4 kilometers and will travel more than 16 kilometers

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