Islamabad Police Officers Ordered to Stop Renting Govt Residences

Central Police Office (CPO) Islamabad has directed the police officers in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) to avoid granting official residences to relatives or anyone else who is not their family member.

In this regard, CPO Islamabad issued a notice and stated that the department has noticed that some of the police officials are giving their allotted residence to relatives and other individuals apart from permitted family members such as spouses, children, and parents.

Therefore, it directed the police officials to stop the malpractice with immediate effect and warned that departmental action will be taken, including cancelation of accommodation, against those who continue to do so.

According to police officials, around 260 government quarters are present in Islamabad for police officials ranging from constables to DSPs. Meanwhile, the Police Service of Pakistan’s (PSP) CSS-cadre officers, which include ASPs, SPs, DIGs, and IGs, have different kinds of residences and officers’ mess across the federal capital.

The police officials maintained that the CPO issued this notice after it discovered that several officials were renting out the government residence to others, including their relatives, and that several of the accommodations had also been extended by encroaching more land.

Via Dawn