Wasim Akram Opens Up on His Cocaine Addiction [Video]

Former Pakistan captain, Wasim Akram, revealed his struggles with cocaine addiction in his recently published autobiography, Sultan: A Memoir. Akram. The Sultan of Swing revealed that he got addicted to cocaine after his retirement from cricket in 2003. He shed light on how it affected him psychologically and his social life.

The legendary pacer further revealed the details in an interview with ‘The Grade Cricketer’ on their YouTube channel. Wasim shared the details of how he got hooked on the drug and how he eventually got rid of the addiction.

Wasim revealed that he was first introduced to cocaine during a party in England where someone offered him a ‘line’ of cocaine. He revealed that he eventually started doing one line of cocaine before he started consuming it more heavily. He said that one line soon turned into a gram and he realized that he was unable to function properly without it.

He further said that his addiction got worse which affected his relationship with his late wife, Huma Akram, and his kids, who were very young at the time.

The Sultan of Swing further stated that he agreed to go into rehab at the request of his late wife but things did not work out as they expected. He said that he had agreed on spending one month in rehab but they forced him to spend around two and a half months in the facility, but still his addiction did not improve.

Wasim’s addiction to cocaine eventually came to an end after the passing of his first wife. He said that her wife’s last selfless act was to help him get rid of the addiction.

The 56-year-old advised the younger generation to stay away from drugs as they have a negative impact on their life. He advised the youngsters to keep their company in check as they have a strong influence on your character. He concluded that the support system of trustworthy people who have a good work ethic is one of the keys to developing a good character.

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