Vice Chancellor in Trouble After Publicly Humiliating Sweepers [Video]

A video has gone viral on social media in which the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Mianwali (UMW), Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan, publicly humiliates sanitation workers for the uncleanliness of the campus premises.

In the video, the VC yells at a sweeper and calls him shameless in front of students on campus. Then he directs another person, possibly the supervisor, to grab the second sweeper, who was near a garbage cart, from his neck and make him remove the piled trash with his hands.

Prof. Dr. Islam Ullah Khan afterward calls another university sweeper, who had allegedly piled up the garbage, and yells loudly, “Who hired him?”

As the students watch in utter disbelief, the VC orders the security guard to remove the cleaner from the university and directs him not to let the cleaner inside ever again.

The extremely arrogant and unethical behavior of the VC has infuriated the social media community. Numerous people have urged that he be punished. On the other hand, some netizens have defended his actions by claiming that many workers are too lazy to work and carry out their duties responsibly.

Terming the behavior as unacceptable, the Head of Prime Minister’s (PM) Strategic Reforms, Salman Sufi, also shared the video on his Twitter account and stated, “VC shall be hearing from HEC about this.”