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Travelers in Anguish Due to Massive Bhara Kahu Traffic Jams

Frequent traffic jams on Bhara Kahu have become irksome for travelers. People are blaming the administration for failing to ensure uninterrupted traffic.

The traffic jam starts from the Educators’ school ahead of the Korang Road entrance and ends just before Satra Meel. The long cues and arduous start-stop driving have left motorists in mental anguish.

A motorist told ProPakistani that the construction work, shop encroachments, and recklessly parked cars and public transport hinder traffic flow, causing congestion. He demanded that authorities address traffic issues.

In September, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif tasked National Logistics Cell (NLC) with completing the project. According to the details, the contractor must construct a three-lane roadway stretching more than 5 kilometers between the Quaid-e-Azam University entry point and Jugi Bus Stop.

PM has instructed NLC to complete the project in three months, within a budget of Rs. 6.5 billion. He remarked that this will be a promising development and a great facility for local and foreign tourists, as well as for the dwellers of Murree and surrounding areas.

The motorist added that, in reality, the project is currently in its starting stages and will take at least another 2 to 3 months before it becomes operational.

  • There is another way which starts from the entrence of Bhara Kahu named “shadra” and end from the exit of Bhara Kahu

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