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Islamabad Police Issued Over 88,000 Challans to Motorists This Year

Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) issued 88,805 fine tickets to road users over various violations in 2022.

An ICTP representative told the media yesterday that the traffic division has issued 61,542 fine tickets to road users for not wearing seat belts and 27,263 for using mobile phones this year.

The department has deligated special squads to monitor the roads and take action against traffic rule violators. Islamabad’s chief traffic officer (CTO) said a campaign is underway to discipline the city’s traffic system and urged residents to follow the rules.

Over 99,000 Challans to Bikers in Lahore

In the last three weeks, Lahore City Traffic Police (CTP) issued 99,000 challans to motorcyclists for not wearing helmets. In his discussion with the media, CTO Dr. Assad Malhi stressed the importance of wearing helmets.

He stated that after this crackdown, 95% of motorcyclists on Mall Road now wear helmets. He added:

Helmets should be worn for self-protection and to avoid challan, and they protect the head from 70% of fatal injuries.

A local media outlet also stated that the number of head injuries treated in hospitals in Lahore has decreased as more people wear helmets. Senior and junior physicians have commended CTO for addressing this issue, it added.