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Lahore May Ban Cars And Bikes on MM Alam Road

MM Alam Road is among the most popular public places in Lahore. Being home to various eateries and shopping plazas, the road is packed with hundreds of vehicles at a time. Consequently, it is susceptible to big traffic jams.

To address the issue, Lahore City Traffic Police (CTP) has proposed making MM Alam Road a walkway for pedestrians. During their visit to MM Alam Road, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Dr. Assad Malhi and other senior officials discussed the operational aspects of the project.

CTO stated that the department is currently assessing the feasibility of converting MM Alam Road into a walkway or one-way street. He elaborated:

We have proposed to open it for traffic from Hussain Chowk towards Mini Market while closing it from Mini Market towards Hussain Chowk.

CTO stated that the plan is to eventually have MM Alam Road become a fully car-free zone. He added that this change will gradually resolve the traffic jam issue during the busiest hours.

CTO added that the public will use parking lots in front of plazas and cover the rest of the journey to their destination by foot. He added:

As citizens, we also need to change our behavior as it is not a must to park the car in front of the shop where we want to do shopping.

    • Agree with you as I also live behind M.M.Alam Road, thus have first hand knowledge of the traffic situation.

    • I have been so many times to Lahore and MM Alam road… Traffic Jam in Lahore is usual and used to be a head ache.

  • It’s a brilliant idea, they should make it more creative add benches lights and trees and plants. Definitely free car zone it’s a must for peaceful shopping free from noise and pollution

  • How would the cars reach the plaza parking lots? On foot or by air ? Hence it wont be a car free zone & the traffic jams would be there.How about a multi-storied parking lot.

  • Lahore need ban on chand gari (mosquito rickshaw) they produce unnecessary pollution noise and most road accidents motorcycle rickshaw does not have any sense to ride on road

    • Then have you any alternative or will u send ur private cars for those using these rickshaws? These rickshaws are very economical for commuters who travel daily. Not everyone is born to a rich family like yours

      • If Motorcycle rickshaw allow only branch roads. And main road only for public transport like bus and auto rickshaws it’s good for environment and traffic control. So please discuss for solutions not for critec.

    • Right to an extent but also need to consider a large number of people consuming this service on daily basis , may be another alternative should be proposed to overcome the issue .

      • I think, A solution like increase in number of buses and vans and in that too should be on all possible routes. Buses/vans should be available from every square of streets . When public have this much access to public transport then not only chingchi rickshaw would be lessened but also private vehicles will also be seen less in numbers.

  • The idea is sounds good. However, as you say there are hundreds of Cars on M M Alam road. Where will these 100 x 10 =1000 cars minimum, get parked?
    Obviously, people coming to M M Alam rd, will not want to walk from home?

  • It will not happen. The shopkeepers will get together. If they do, the value of shops will plummet, Pakistani ladies don’t like to walk, hence they park in front of the shops, or in the middle of the roads. Most that can happen is make MMAlam a one way.

  • Should be oneway traffic … You cant walk because the road is Too long to walk ….its better open for one way traffic …

    • Walking is a good habit.. a change in any form is difficult in the begining. and people can come with all sorts of objections but once implemented it becomes a routine of life…so let us support the authorities to go ahead on this brilliant move…..

  • It’s a long awaited move and now needs to be implemented sooner than later.
    May be electric vehicles be opereted on the main street to ease accessibility to shops fof senior citizens like many other countries in the world .

  • It has been decided, but I have some opinion that if we can close this road completely, we can build a special time just like a main food street, Gual Mandi, then add the shuttle service.

  • I’m living behind MM Alam road near Ghalib Market, yes, traffic jam is an issue especially during peak hours. But this is the situation for entire Pakistan exception to Islamabad. Our entire country need a master plan to change traffic jams. this will not only save time, but also reduce petrol consumptions. Further, govt should make policy for car parking in front of every shop. in housing societies like DHA, bahria and others, each shop or plaza have its own parking space, however in local community, people make a shop of half marla, occupy footpath, rent out further front of road and block the entire road. This is hypocrisy and when govt take action, these people start crying that govt is doing injustice to poor.

  • The merchants can arrange electric carts for elderly people or anyone who wants to use it , those electric carts will have no noise or air pollution plus only few in nos so not add to rush but rather to the beauty of the environment

  • I think it would be a great initiative by CTO , even i wish they will ban cars and bikes for students too and make public transport super convenient and super dooper comfy that no will feel shame to use them also make them so common that chapraas burgers of Lahore will also HAVE TO HAVE TO use them.

  • I would say that would be a great idea
    Plant tress , put multiple benches , build a huge parking plaza on both ends of road

  • Yumto the house of Arabic mandi restaurant is now going to open in MMalam road gulberg Lahore after joher Town G1 market branch
    The largest brand of Arabic Mandi

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