FIFA Wants All Countries to Name a Stadium After Football Legend Pele

FIFA has decided to ask all countries to name a football stadium after the late Brazilian star, Pele.

The Brazilian legend passed away fighting cancer at the age of 82. The football star is widely acknowledged as the greatest of all time. Pele was the only player in history to be a part of the three World Cup winning squads.

To honor the legendary footballer, FIFA’s Head, Gianni Infantino, revealed to the media that FIFA has decided to ask every country to name a stadium for Pele. The act will serve as a tribute to the legendary player from the football fraternity.

“We are going to ask every country in the world to name one of their football stadiums after Pele”, said Gianni Infantino standing at the historic stadium Vila Belmiro where Pele played his first game for his club, Santos. Further acknowledging the greatness of the football legend, Gianni Infantino added, “Pele is eternal. He is a global icon of football.”

FIFA’s head Gianni Infantino visited Brazil to pay his final regards to the Brazilian legend Pele before his funeral.