Food Minister Proposes Ridiculous Solution to Rising Chicken Prices

Instead of taking immediate measures to bring the soaring prices of chicken, the federal government has come up with a bizarre solution so that citizens don’t feel the skyrocketing chicken prices.

Federal Minister for National Food Security, Tariq Bashir Cheema, on Wednesday, suggested that citizens stop eating chicken as their feed contains elements that are harmful to human health.

Chicken prices have gone through the roof as the federal government has delayed the clearance of the imported vessels of soybean, a key ingredient of chicken feed.

The delay has caused the feed prices to rise. A 50 kg bag of soybean that was available for Rs. 5,000 three months ago is now priced at Rs. 7,000. The hike in input cost has led to an unabated rise in chicken prices.

Chicken is now being sold at more than Rs. 600 per kg in most parts of the country. The chicken prices won’t come down any time soon and there seems to be no respite for the citizens who are already facing serious financial challenges due to the precarious economic outlook.

Earlier this week, poultry farmers warned that chicken could become as costly as beef due to the prevailing feed shortage. They claimed that the 1 kg chicken price could cross Rs. 800 in the coming days.

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