Mysterious Disease Kills 12 Members of Same Family Within Days in Punjab

A mysterious disease is spreading rapidly in a family living near Rahim Yar Khan. The unknown disease has claimed the lives of 12 members of the family in under 3 weeks.

According to reports, the victims are residents of Basti Laghari near the Tajpur Pirwala area in Rahim Yar Khan. All of the deaths occurred between 15 to 20 days.

Deputy District Health Officer (DDHO) Rahim Yar Khan, Dr. Hassan Mahmood, said that all of the victims experienced similar symptoms. First, they developed fever, then severe body pain, and finally uncontrolled sweating.

The official added that the department has collected food and water samples from the homes of the victims. The cause of death will be determined once the laboratory analyzes the samples.

In 2021, a similar incident was reported in Karachi when a mysterious viral fever affected a large of citizens as they experienced the same symptoms as the dengue virus. However, nothing showed up in the tests.

The patients also experienced a rapid dip in platelets along with high fever. Clinically, these symptoms pointed toward the dengue virus, but tests denied the presence of the viral infection.